Banter ranter

16th October 2016 |

I haven’t been in a locker room since I was 17 which probably accounts for the fact that all my joints seem to be working quite painlessly, but even back then in post-war London boys might be heard saying some pretty disgusting things. I don’t remember anything about pussies because we hadn’t graduated yet to reverse anthropomorphism. The C word was certainly uttered from time to time, but only as a pejorative. Anyone boasting about his ability to grab it, in the Trumpian manner, would have been considered a complete twat or worse.

If there had been such a twat, and if later he had put himself up for Prime Minister of Great Britain, and if I had been able to produce a tape of him proclaiming his vainglorious C-grabbing prowess, I doubt that it would have blighted his progress. Nor should it have. What has it got to do with running a country? My personal view is that most leaders have huge to monstrous egos, more or less well disguised, and with powerful lascivious urges to match. Neither presidents nor prime ministers should be chosen as role models. Obama seems to be a remarkable exception.

But Trump’s case (as always) is different. His so-called “banter” was really peacock-strutting boastfulness and, most importantly, it wasn’t in a locker room. He was licking his lips as he was being escorted by his well-born enabler to greet various desirable women. So it was much worse, much more revealing and I would say only barely under control. If the tape helps to defeat him I will be delighted, and yet this is hardly the best reason for keeping him out of office. A much better reason is that he clearly has no idea what he would do if he were elected other than to put Hillary in jail,  cut taxes for the rich, build an impossible wall, and mess up the lives of a HUGE number of people. And then there’s the nuclear thing . . . Sweet Jesus, keep him out.