Fire Sale

4th June 2016 |

Not quite, perhaps. More of a moving sale, but fire sure sounds more urgent.  I did have a fire here once, in 1991, when my redwood barn burned down, and wasn’t that dramatic. All gone in six minutes. Now that I’m leaving those memories come flooding back.

So, as I search around for things to leave, things to take, I find something I haven’t looked at for a long time – it’s the living record of my second journey around the world, and looking at it again I am amazed at how rich it is, in stories and pictures, almost all of them unique to this medium. For three years I ran a live web site of my journey and it’s an example of what I have been imploring other travellers to do – look at what’s going on around you,  think about it, write about it, photograph it, tell the truth.

There are 253 pages of text with 706 pictures from Europe, Africa, the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and India. It’s easy to navigate – there are calendars to take you anywhere you want to go instantly, and quite a lot about the choices I had to make before I started.

A lot happened on that journey – nine-eleven for one. Even now it reads like history, and it’s quite different fro the book I wrote afterwards, Dreaming of Jupiter.

I have been asking $25 for this CD, but I want more people to see it, so right now if you’re in the USA you can have it for $10, plus $2 postage. If you are anywhere else, just email me and we’ll work something out. I really believe it’s a bargain. If you don’t agree I’ll give you your money back. Can’t say fairer than that.