News from Jupiter

About that CD

June 4, 2016

Read about the Fire Sale, and then if you want that $10 CD and you’re in the USA, send me $12 (includes $2 for shipping) by Paypal to If you’re not in the US send me an email, please.

Fire Sale

Not quite, perhaps. More of a moving sale, but fire sure sounds more urgent.  I did have a fire here once, in 1991, when my redwood barn burned down, and wasn’t that dramatic. All gone in six minutes. Now that I’m leaving those memories come flooding back. So, as I search around for things to leave, things to take, I find something I haven’t looked […]

Wherefore art thou, Ted

April 22, 2016

It has taken me 85 years to discover Verona, but I’m one of those people who like to save the best for last. What got me there  – apart from my new/old Citroen C2 – was an email from Luigi Licci who owns a travel book shop. Anyone with a book shop will get my attention. Book shop owners are among the bravest, and most […]

Back to ’77

March 22, 2016

When you move house all sorts of things float to the surface. Here’s one of them – a piece I wrote for the Sunday Times in 1977, just after getting back. I think it’s interesting to read now, and some of it is not a little prophetic. It’s easy to look back and think of those days as relatively peaceful and innocent, but that’s not […]

To Friends of Aspiran

January 2, 2016

It snowed on Christmas morning in Covelo and again on New Year’s Day. Snow in Covelo is a pretty rare event. I’ll take it as a good omen, which is my usual way of greeting any new phenomenon. It’s worked for me so far. Since I last wrote about Aspiran a few more people have come in with late contributions, so that’ll be some extra […]


December 9, 2015

Who says bikers can’t speak Latin (badly). Everything around Aspiran used to be Roman, so it seemed appropriate. The deposit is down. In three months or so the house should be ours. My report is long overdue, I know, but there were nine days of travel, and then there was jet lag. Doesn’t always hit me, but this time it did. I flew to Paris […]

Poison from the Podium

November 20, 2015

We are all conditioned to jump to to the tune of the news. As you perhaps know I am buying a house in France and am about to go there to sign the first papers. My flight to Paris is booked for next Monday, and of course when I first heard what had happened there I wondered how it would affect me. But my decision […]

Onward and upward

November 8, 2015

The excitement mounts. Twenty more people have chipped in with another 1560 Euros. What makes this project so extraordinary – so different from most crowd-funding – is that I know personally almost half the 43 people on that Paypal list of contributors. It reminds me of just how many people I have built some kind of relationship with during the years that I have been […]

Dramatic Leap Towards Aspiran

November 3, 2015

MERCI TOUT LE MONDE – or, as we say in my country, THANK YOU Everything’s taking shape. We’re not there yet, but during these last few days we’ve taken a dramatic step forward. It’s been a harrowing two weeks for me. At times, when I’d heard nothing for days on end, I thought we’ll never get there. At other times I had serious doubts that […]

Skipping towards Aspiran

October 25, 2015

The road to Aspiran got shorter last night, thanks to a hefty wad of euros from a mate in the Antipodes. So now the total stands at 3,503 Euros But for those who don’t know what’s going on, please click here