An Interrupted Life

Ted SimonFor some time now I’ve been working on an autobiography. I’m doing it mainly for the sake of my descendants who, like most young people, don’t think of asking questions until it’s too late, partly because they’re too busy, partly for fear of being bored, but also I think for fear of finding it rather embarrassing.

However, being a writer by profession, I can’t do this job without thinking of it as a book, and books need readers.

I have left the first two chapters on this site to give you a taste of what is to come, and I have left the last few chapters I wrote to give you an idea of how it might end. I am going to be working now on editing and, perhaps, rewriting the other forty or so chapters with a view to publishing them as a book.

The book will cover the forty-two years of my life before I made the decision to ride a Triumph motorcycle around the world in 1973. The book I wrote about that journey is well known, so there is no need to write another about those years.

I know I have asked many times over the last year or two for your encouragement, and I have a list of over 300 who have committed to buying the book. I can’t yet say what the cover price will be, but I suppose it will be around 25 of whatever your currency is. If you haven’t already done so would you let me know that you’d buy it? It will help me to know how to publish it. I can promise that it will look good. Once I have edited it, I shall set about recording it as an audio file.

Ted Simon (May 2021)



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