Aspiran – Creative Retreat for Travellers

For many years now I have wanted to be more useful to people who return from adventurous journeys with wonderful experiences and observations to share with the world.

I would relish the opportunity to share what knowledge and experience I have gained.

My home in the lovely village of Aspiran, in the south of France, is a three-storey house with five bedrooms and lots of space. Two of the bedrooms are reserved for travellers, and Jupiter’s Travellers in particular, who need somewhere to go to write their books or edit their films.

Several writers have taken advantage of this offer already, Malcolm Dunkeld, Christopher Lee, Chris Donaldson, John Devoy among others.

Unfortunately, France having gone viral, I have to suspend my offer until things clear up. But please remember me. We will be free to move again.




Inside Aspiran


Although priority will be given to Jupiter’s Travellers, anyone with a creative writing or filmmaking project under way will be eligible to spend time at the house. When and for how long is something we will have to work out in practice. You will have to make your own way to Aspiran, keep the room clean, and provide for your own food and laundry. That’s all.



Montpellier is a big and beautiful university city only 40 minutes away, and the beaches are even closer at Sète and Agde. There are good local bus services, and there will be room in the garage for bicycles and motorbikes, but not cars.

I am enthusiastic about helping writers in any way I can. Before I started writing my own books, I was a newspaper and magazine editor. I enjoy the process of working with writers. I am proud of the fact that several writers associated with the Foundation have already published good books, and I have tried to help at a distance, but there is nothing like being able to talk about things face to face.

I hope you will see this as a useful service to those with the spirit and courage to let go of the comforts of home and bring the truth about the world back to us, in words, images, and music.

I will be grateful, and do my best to honour your contribution.

If you’d like to come and stay at Aspiran, please do get in touch.