News from Jupiter

Into Russia in 1998

December 5, 2021

The first copies of my new book will get here on Wednesday I’m told, and I’m pretty eager to see them. Angel and Teresa who have designed it and had it printed in Spain are bringing them back in their van. The rest will come next week in a truck. Meanwhile here’s the second half of the piece I wrote back in ’98 when I […]

Going East in 1998

December 2, 2021

While waiting for my new book to arrive from the printer I’ve been going through some pieces I wrote years ago, and thought I’d keep you entertained in the meanwhile. This one appeared in Motorcycle Sport & Leisure twenty-three years ago. I’d been thinking of doing another long journey after living in the USA for twenty years, and it was time to see how it […]

What’s he messing about at now?

November 28, 2021

It’s quite hard to explain to others why I persist in wasting my time doing things that other people could do much more efficiently. Take this book I’m publishing as an example. I’ve spent hours wavering between different types of envelope to send the book out in. Should it be bubble wrap? But then the corners might get damaged. Or cardboard? More expensive, but safer, […]

A Taste Of The Fifties

November 21, 2021

You’ve been wonderful. Almost 200 of you have come through already with orders for Don’t Boil The Canary. And that’s only half the number who said they’d buy it, so I can dare to hope that by the time the books arrive at my doorstep there will have been enough sold to make it all worthwhile. This week has been like a taste of the […]

Exposing Aspiran’s Entrails

November 13, 2021

Now that my book has finally gone to the printer I find it hard to believe that it’s taken me almost four years to write. I started on it in 2017, soon after my last visit to New York which was also the last time I saw Harry Evans. He gave me lunch on the East Side at what I suppose was a favourite restaurant […]

Pre-order my new book before Christmas

November 3, 2021

The book is ready and about to go to the printer. I am pleased with it, and I’m sure you will be too. Most of you have already promised to buy a copy, and I very much hope I can count on all of you to pre-order it as soon as possible. Here it is – a paperback but with flaps, front and back. And […]

A New Last Chapter

October 10, 2021

It was good of you – quite a few of you – to come back to me with answers to my impossible question; what to do about climate change. It seems most unlikely that if I were to ride an electric motorbike from Glasgow to Beijing, or the other way round, that I would arrive in time to make a difference. And if I didn’t […]

Winter Madness

September 19, 2021

I asked you last week what I must do about climate change. So first of all I need to apologise for dragging you into this quagmire, when what you really wanted was happy tales of adventure and twisties in paradise. Secondly I apologise for asking an impossible question. Eighteen of you were kind enough to indulge me, but we all know that there is nothing […]

There is no planet B (photo courtesy of NASA)

There’s No Planet B

September 11, 2021

  If you read my book Jupiter’s Travels you might remember that as I was riding south through Africa in 1974 I became disheartened about the effect the human race was having on the environment. I compared us to a cancerous growth. I knew nothing then about climate change – I was concerned about our effect on wild life and the environment in general. That […]

Parties in the streets

August 30, 2021

I haven’t forgotten you. Some kind people are worried that I might have fallen off my bike or succumbed to the virus. Not at all. I have simply joined the French masses in their delightful habit of taking August off – well, sort of. I have been working at the book, but it’s been hot, and people have been having parties in the streets, and […]