A Taste Of The Fifties

21st November 2021 |

You’ve been wonderful. Almost 200 of you have come through already with orders for Don’t Boil The Canary. And that’s only half the number who said they’d buy it, so I can dare to hope that by the time the books arrive at my doorstep there will have been enough sold to make it all worthwhile.

This week has been like a taste of the Fifties. That’s the last time I did old-fashioned office work, with lists and labels and stacks of envelopes and endless checking, and tea-rings on the tabletop, and heated discussion with the French post office about how to get hundreds of small packages stamped and delivered in one day.

I’ve been promised delivery on December 15. It’s later than I hoped, but still in plenty of time to get it to you and even enable you to send it on before the holiday if you want to. I’ve signed a lot of books in my time but this will be a marathon, especially as so many of you want more than just a signature. I’ve figured out an elaborate system with post-it notes, and with my happy helpers, Ann and Hilary, on either side of me it should go like clockwork. Well it should, shouldn’t it?

If you are among those who promised to buy the book I hope you’ll place an order soon. I want to be sure I’ve got enough supplies to deal with it all, and they might become uncertain as we get closer to Christmas. And need I remind you that Jupiter’s Travels in Camera also makes a very desirable present if you’re looking for something that offers much more than just pictures. What’s more, I’ll put copy of the CD in it for free. It’s much under-rated and offers a huge amount of stuff about the second journey.

Some of you have accompanied your orders with extraordinarily moving accounts of the influence Jupiter’s Travels has had on their lives. I can’t begin to tell you how comforting that is to me and how proud it makes me. This is a time when so many destructive forces seem to be gaining in strength, and it’s hard not to feel helpless in face of them. You allow me to feel that I’ve done my bit, and that we’re all on the same side. For that I am deeply grateful. We have to win, or my grandsons will never know the joys of our wonderful world.

Don't Boil The Canary