A Fabulous Memory

11th May 2021 |

A hundred or so people celebrating a birthday across five continents with a cake made in France and an edible decoration made in England . . . . what could possibly go wrong?

Well, the people arrived on Zoom. The amazing edible motorcycle XRW 964M commissioned and, for all I know, tasted by Tiffany Coates in the West country arrived at my house on the appointed day, by special motorcycle courier and world traveller Rolf Lange . . . BUT the CAKE . . . Oh My God . . . where was the cake?

Missing In Action. Tiffany wept. DHL was running around with my cake and didn’t know where to send it. But all was not lost . . . the cake was found 2 days later . . . and we had a second birthday celebration.

Today, it’s just a fabulous memory.