No Longer Ninety

1st May 2022 |

It’s that day again, MayDay; and not for many decades has life on earth been in such need of saving from distress, but I needn’t remind you of that. For me it is a day of joy, a birthday, and most of all, thank heavens, I am NO LONGER NINETY.

For a whole year I have been labouring under the weight of that zero, so from now on I’m shooting for 99, but save me from the dreaded double zero. That would really finish me off.

For the last month, more or less, I have been trying to wind up my affairs in California and I’ve come back with my affairs as unwound as they’ve ever been, but in a much more pleasing pattern so I shouldn’t complain. I’ve had the company of my son who presented me with another grandson two years ago. His name is Wyatt and he shows great promise with the skate board, sliding down a mountain of sand. Every kid’s dream.

Meanwhile my bike sits in my garage, lonely as a cloud, and I must admit that the time for our parting seems to be drawing close. I’d be much happier on that MP3 I rode around the UK twelve years ago. Sadly it fell apart last year, and I’m thinking of getting another one. So if anyone’s interested in a lovely old Funduro with scratches but only 45,000 km let me know.

Now we’re off to the seaside for oysters and champagne – and let the world go hang, for today at least.