Raring to go again

13th July 2021 |

It’s five weeks now since I was knocked flat on my back in the street. There’s no question that this ninety-year-old carcass got severely shaken up. A fractured spine, a bruised rib, and a sprained wrist were just the recognisable consequences. I’ve been X-rayed and scanned, I’ve opioided myself for aches and pains, and I’ve wondered whether I would ever feel whole again, whether this was the beginning of the slow slide to oblivion that obviously has to start some time. So you can imagine my feelings when I got out of bed this morning and stood straight up without a twinge anywhere.

I hope this is good news for others. The body can still take care of itself. Admittedly it was only a tiny fracture – I am not claiming super-human powers – but even little ones hurt a lot. OMG, I might even have taken to drink.

I haven’t felt much like working so my book is slightly delayed, but I’m on to it now. I hope I have something for you to read before they lock us all down again. I’m enjoying the freedom. I’ve already been on a short ride. I’ll go further soon.

Here it is in my garage, raring to go.

I wish you all temperate weather, wherever you are.