The Final Stretch

23rd May 2021 |

I have come at last to the end of “An Interrupted Life” – my life before Jupiter. It has taken me three years and I hope I haven’t taxed your patience too much. The work has been quite absorbing as I rediscovered so much I had forgotten. I also understand much better what happened and why. I am not at the end of this process, and perhaps never will be, but for those of you old enough to have a past to untangle I truly recommend the process. Not only for your childrens’ sake, but for your own peace of mind.

My job now is to turn this into a book, and I know it will take a while. I am sure the book will be longer, but I shall get it done as quickly as I can. I hope you will want to buy it. Be sure to let me know. Thank you for all your encouragement. It has been invaluable.

I will get to the audio version as soon as I possibly can.