Don’t Boil The Canary

29th October 2021 |


“From the time Ted Simon set off around the world on his Triumph, at the age of 42, his life has been, literally, an open book. In everything he has written since that journey began no-one has been more forthcoming about his life, his thoughts and feelings, than Ted. Yet almost nothing is known about his life before that journey.”

“So that his own children – one son, two grandsons – would have a better idea of who he is or was, he began to write an account which, inevitably, grew into a book. Uncertain whether it would be of general interest, and to keep himself at it, he borrowed the habit of 19th Century writers like Charles Dickens, by publishing it in instalments on his website. Using a phrase he made famous in Jupiter’s Travels, “The interruptions ARE the journey,” he called it an Interrupted Life. But now he likes the new title better.”

The book has 448 pages, which makes it even bigger than Jupiter’s Travels. I will sign every copy you order and, if possible, dedicate it to whomever you choose.