Dreaming of Jupiter

18th March 2017 |


In 2001, at the age of 69, Ted Simon decided to retrace his original journey, and Dreaming of Jupiter is the result. It took him two and a half years, during which time he revisited all the countries he had travelled through in the 1970s. He found much had changed, and he reflects upon the increased poverty, political upheavals, environmental issues and indeed the changes in himself.

But ultimately, Dreaming of Jupiter is a hugely inspiring read with a positive message at its heart – that even at the age of 70 you can still set off on an adventure, and be surprised and excited by what life throws at you along the way.

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Also out now in the USA is the soft-cover edition of Dreaming of Jupiter, in the stores priced at $24.95. We’ve changed the cover, for the fun of it really. It is in the same format as Jupiter’s Travels and Riding High, but it also includes 16 pages of color. You can get it from your favourite book shop, but it will also be available directly from the author, signed and dedicated. Just send an email.

Here are a few sample pages to whet your appetite:

From Colombia | From Egypt | From Kenya | From Sudan | From Australia | From Bali

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