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Let’s roll through the Isles

Six more months have passed, with not a word from me, but at last there’s news.
I am the proud father of another book and though the labour was long and, at times, agonising, my latest offspring has finally gone to press and looks lovely.

Because it is all about my journey through the British Isles there are no plans yet to publish it in the USA, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t interest American readers, at least not the ones who have followed me on my other journeys. It is more than usually autobiographical and I’ve finally let rip with my opinions and prejudices. If you’d like a taste, you could go here and read a few snippets.¬†Anyway, there will be copies of the book available in a week or two, and I think I can get them sent over here before I leave for Europe at the beginning of June. So if you want a copy, signed by me, send me an email soon at

I’ll be at the Overland Expo in Arizona again this year and I hope to have copies of the new book there – as well as the usual collection. This year it’s at Flagstaff, and I know it’s going to be a really cool event.
On June 5th I’m flying to London to talk about the book. Lida is already visiting in Ukraine and we’ll meet in England later to see friends and go to the HorizonsUnlimited meeting in Ripley which has become a touchstone for me.
After that we’ll fly to Madrid where Angel and Teresa are launching a special anniversary edition of Los Viages de Jupiter – Oh man, am I looking forward to the tapas and the vino and that special Spanish heat.
So, that’s the summer taken care of. Now I just have to find someone else to take care of my garden.
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