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Revisiting myself

People keep asking me how I can be riding around on an iTune, and I have to explain that Piaggio, for their own mysterious reason, called their weird new scooter with two wheels in front an MP3. It didn’t take long to get used to it. At first I was worried about leaning over with two wheels in front of me, but they lean like a charm, and I’ve got to say this little machine is a great way to run around the leafy lanes of Britain.

It feels more like sitting on a horse, and I can lean back like a married country gentleman and survey my heritage. Funnily enough, though, although I still haven’t seen another one like it on the road, nobody seems very interested. Have the British lost their sense of curiosity?

Riding the iTune

Riding the iTune

Here I am at the harbour in Mevagissey – you can see how beautiful it is. It’s in the far south-west of England, and I thought it would be overwhelmed by tourist trash but somehow it has managed to keep it’s character as a working port for fishermen. I had a hell of a time getting a room, but after dozens of calls I found the Mandalay B&B and was received with a lovely cup of tea and an even lovelier Cornish acent.