Dreaming of Jupiter


The map shows the route I was hoping to take when I began the journey in 2001. It is almost the same as the Jupiter journey of 1973. This time, though, there were no ships available to take me from South Africa to Fortaleza. I had to fly the bike to Rio, and then ride up to the northern tip of Brazil.

This time I was able to cross over to Indonesia from Darwin, but because of earlier shipping problems I couldn’t get to Perth. My biggest disappointment came in Asia, when the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq forced me to fly over Pakistan and Iran. From Turkey I took a slightly different route too, going through Bulgaria and the new countries that were once all part of Yugoslavia.

Here’s some information about the bike and equipment and why I wanted to go around the world again.

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From Colombia | From Egypt | From Kenya | From Sudan | From Australia | From Bali


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