Jupiter’s Travels


The first half of the journey took me the length of Africa, from Tunis to Cape Town, then around South America from the tip of Brazil to the Argentine Pampas and from Chile north through Panama to California. Then I rode around Australia, and from Singapore overland to Europe through India, Afghanistan, Iran, and Turkey.

Jupiter’s Travels has been a best seller since it was first published in 1979. The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and the London Times among many others, all praised it. Motorcycle Sport called it “…the best motorcycle travel book ever written.” Readers and reviewers agree it is much more than a travel book.

It is a book that changes lives, and there are many readers’ letters to prove it. In the years since Jupiter’s Travels was first published it has sold more than 400,000 copies world-wide.

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Here are a few sample pages to whet your appetite:

Growing Into the Saddle | Snakebite Insurance | This ‘Small World’ | The Movie |
Five o’clock follies | Meetings in the desert


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