Twice Around the World

Welcome home

Thirty-five bikers joined me on the final lap, and escorted me back to my starting point at CWMotorcycles in Dorchester, which I left two and a half years earlier. So, how does it feel? Well, I can hardly believe it’s over. I have ridden 54,000 miles on this BMW, and at least 5000 more miles on two other bikes.

I’ve been through 48 different countries, survived two bone-breaking accidents, fallen in love again, and seen what astonishing changes have taken place in the world since I was there last.

My first ride around the world ended in 1977. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would be setting off on that same journey 24 years later.

Then I was already 46 years old. To do it at the age of 70 would have seemed impossible, but that is just what I’ve been doing.

This new adventure began in January of 2001. It took me the length of Africa, around the Americas, through New Zealand and Australia, and across Asia to Europe.

Why follow the same route that I took before? Because after 25 years I was still haunted by the memories of exotic places and wonderful people I might never see again, but most of all because it was a rare opportunity to see, close up, how the world has changed in a quarter of a century.

What I did not count on, of course, was how much the world would change while I was on the road.

As you follow my journey you will find out what nine-eleven looked like from Brazil, and you will get a different slant on how the new waves of war and terrorism affect the world.

All in all, it has been a stunning experience: always intriguing, not always comfortable, but charged with all manner of insights that have given me, I think, a privileged view of where we are all heading.

For three years I recorded my adventure, in pictures and words, on my web site. Now I have put the whole thing on a CD, and expanded it with a good deal of extra material.

Following it on the web undoubtedly gave it the virtue of immediacy but it is so much easier to read and enjoy on a CD. You will find a wealth of detail that you would have missed.

I think I can safely say that nothing as comprehensive as this has ever been attempted before.

Here are a few sample pages to whet your appetite:
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