Forget the crockery, read a book

29th November 2018 |


Thanks to all of you who commiserated with me on the shipwreck of my mother’s crockery. After all’s said and done there seems not much I can do about it, being so far away from the action, but I still hold a slender hope of some small relief. However, I’m getting over it. Christmas is coming.

Speaking of which, those who care for me have been chastising me for wasting the opportunities of the season. They say, and I’m forced to agree, that my books make scrumptious Christmas presents but my shop is in disarray. Now that I live in France all the postage prices are different and so far it has been beyond me to make the shop work. I’m just going to lay it all out here in simple language. Of course I will sign and dedicate the books – that after all would be the main reason for getting them from me.

So, here goes:

All the prices are in US dollars. If your currency is euros, divide the dollar price by 1.13. If your currency is pounds sterling, divide the dollar price by 1.3

Jupiter’s Travels costs $25
Riding High costs $20
Dreaming of Jupiter costs $25
Rolling through the Isles costs $20

Now for the shipping

If you live outside Europe (USA, Canada, Australia, etc):
The postage for one book is $30
The postage for two or three books is $40
The postage for all four books is $60

If you live in Europe but outside France:
The postage for one book is 15 euros
The postage for two or three books is 16.80 euros
The postage for all four books is 21.50 euros


The Camera book is a heavy picture book and costs $50. There aren’t many copies left and it is a beautiful book, though I say so myself (it wasn’t designed by me).
Outside Europe the postage is $40.
In Europe the postage is 16.8 euros

The CD, Jupiter Returns, which has the whole day-to-day record of my second journey round the world, is available for $15. Und die CD habe ich auch in Deutsch.

En plus, mon livre “Les Voyages de Jupiter” a été réédité en France, et si vous le voulez  signé avec dédicace, ecrivez s.v.p.

Please email me with your orders and any questions you might have.