Hotting Up In Aspiran

21st September 2019 |


Things are hotting up in Aspiran just as the weather is cooling down. All of a sudden, it seems, people are finding me.

On Thursday I was waiting for Christopher Lee to arrive and work on a book. Then that same day, out of nowhere, came two Aussies on a BMW 800 just to say hello.

Hein and Corene Schwartz were on their way East but he was such a happy, jocular fellow and his wife was a serene smiling presence behind him so I thought, what the hell, and invited them to stay.

We wheeled his bike into the garage, and started to think about dinner when Chris phoned from a village about ten minutes away. According to the schedule, the bus was supposed to bring him to Aspiran, but it got to Le Pouget and refused to go any further.

It seems the buses here, normally very cooperative, can also be bloody-minded. It seemed a shame to frustrate Chris’s brilliant efforts to get here under his own steam from Montpellier airport, which involved a shuttle, a tram and a bus in unfamiliar country. But he was only ten minutes away.

Hein and Corene left next day. Here he is emerging from the dungeon under my house…

…and off they go, hoping for a paddle in the Mediterranean.

But now there’s Melanie Stegemann, a German biking lady, on her way through. She just wants to say Hello on Sunday. I bet she ends up staying the night.

Today I had to go to the pharmacy for an eye drop, and it seems Hein has been doing public relations. “Ah. Monsieur Simon,” said the pharmacist. “The Australian has told us about your book.” After three years in this village it took a visiting Aussie to tell them who I am. We’ll see what happens next.