It’s happening

12th August 2019 |

It’s not like me to have nothing to say.

I sit here at my computer and all sorts of disconnected ideas are flitting around like fish beneath the surface but they can’t break through, as though they were trapped under a sheet of ice.

Nothing seems worth saying when the two countries I am connected with by language and history are both now governed by flamboyant frauds, each one intent on bolstering his ego by leading his country to destruction.

And as if that weren’t bad enough one of them, Mr Trump, seems quite willing to risk universal extinction as well.

Still, for the time being, life does go on. After three years of waiting, some potential writers have taken note of my offer of hospitality and advice. At the beginning of the year I had Malcolm Dunkeld here for a few days. He was kind enough to say that my comments were ” extremely valuable.”
Christopher Lee is coming to visit next week with a view to spending more time here later. He says he’s determined to find a way to elevate his travel experiences so that they energise and excite others. Derek Mansfield plans to come at the end of the week with the same thing in mind. And Mark Holmes, who attempted to rejig his life by riding off on a Triumph Rocket, has sent me a book which he thinks could be improved.

So it’s beginning to look as though my purpose in buying this house with all its bedrooms may be tested. Meanwhile others come to visit. Catherine Germillac left this morning after a couple of nights here. She’s been in Corsica and Sardinia , still on her famous 125cc Desirée, which she rode all over the world years ago. Yesterday she went to see one of the great historic sites in this part of the world, the mediaeval village of St. Guilheme-le-Désert. The village itself was crowded with tourists, but high above it is a ruined castle which is supposed be out of bounds – so of course she scrambled up there. The panoramic view she captured on her phone was extraordinary. And I’m the stupid guy who forgot to ask her for the picture.

Instead, all I have to offer is a picture of our new shop. Yes, at last, we have our Epicerie again and it’s a great resource. So now Aspiran has it’s baker, it’s Café and it’s grocer. Some things get better.

You can just see the shop at the far end of my street.


Ah, there it is.

It used to be the fire station

Here’s the boulangerie

And here’s the café / bar, but it’s shut on Mondays.

but you can buy soft drinks at the Tabac/post office

So you see, we’re a thriving little village (sort of)