Remembering Harry Evans

26th September 2020 |

It came as a terrible shock to hear last Wednesday that Harry Evans had died. I suppose it seems odd to be surprised when a 92-year-old leaves the premises, but I honesty felt he would live for ever. Apart from being the greatest newspaper editor in living memory, Sir Harold Evans (to give him his full monicker) was also a good friend. Without his support my “Jupiter” journey could never have been the same. I worked for him briefly just before he left The Times, and he later published two of my books when he was the boss of Random House.

He was 89 when we had lunch together in New York three years ago and I wrote to him early this year hoping to hear that he was well. I told him that I had now reached the age he was then. He replied:

      Firmly in my memory is our pic of what [was] needed for a prodigous Journey.
      I HAVE already scouted the territory ahead of you….a stripling of 89 indeed.
      Keep going!

Here’s the pic that was firmly in his memory. In black and white, on newsprint, it was often as good as a passport. It’s comforting to know it stayed with him almost to the end. Thanks Harry. I’ll keep going.