The walls are hungry

20th November 2017 |

I’ve had this idea for a while and I’ve finally decided to do something about it

On a corner between my house and the cafe, the commune recently demolished a burned-out building and finally left a wall that was neatly reinforced and stuccoed and looks like this:
So I thought wouldn’t it be terrific if it could look like this:
and I am going to see if the mayor agrees. Of course it would be difficult to get Rivera to repeat his marvelous murals in our little village because he is well and truly dead, but the idea lives on. The government has money for street art and we could have a competition for the best ideas.
I’ll try to see the mayor tomorrow. Wish me luck.
A minor disaster struck our village a few weeks ago. Our only grocery shop – “the epicier” – closed for good. I don’t know why. There were always people in the shop. Anyone fancy opening a grocery shop in a lovely French village? Lots of sunshine. Let me know.