What are WE to do?

30th January 2022 |

As you all know I have felt a peculiar sense of responsibility for the world since I rode around it.

In a way I think of it as mine, so If I could save it, I would. Last night, not being able to sleep, I turned my thoughts, once again, to this crucial dilemma.

I struggled mightily.

What must be done? What can I do to rescue the planet from our suicidal efforts to incinerate it, and ourselves in the process. (If at the same time I can make it safe for motorcyclists – electric, of course – so much the better).

The big problem, I realised, is “we.” Wherever and whenever climate change is discussed, there is always someone telling us what we must do. We must face up to the danger. We must stop burning coal. We must stop eating meat. We must stop cutting down forests. We must stop burning anything. We must stop pigs from farting. We must cycle to work…..

Many years ago now I came sadly to the conclusion that there is no we. All we have is bits of we pathetically scattered around, but they don’t add up to anything. We doesn’t actually exist.

They on the other hand definitely exists. They is very strong. They is still digging for oil, clearing the Amazon, firing up power plants, persuading us to eat a pound of beef a day, mucking up the ocean… and telling us not to worry because money is going to make everything all right.

Then it came to me, and I shouted, very quietly because it was the middle of the night, Eureka!

If we doesn’t exist it will have to be invented. So, from my bed in Aspiran, I am now announcing the birth of an exhilarating new movement to save the earth. It is called:


Anyone can join. Then when WE says WE is going to do something WE will know who WE‘re talking about. I expect everybody reading this proclamation to join me now. Together WE can save the world.

Then I went back to sleep.