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How I became a foundation

Until a few months ago I was just an ordinary bloke, getting on in years, who sometimes rode a bike and tried to find time to tend his garden. Then, quite suddenly, I became a Foundation, the CEO of a world-wide initiative to tell it as it is. I’m still reeling from the shock.

What distinguished Jupiter’s Travels from most motorcycle adventure sagas was the attention that it paid to what was going on around me as I travelled.
The Ted Simon Foundation (I still blush a little when I say it) is dedicated to promoting that kind of travel.
It’s not good enough to travel through the world obsessed with your own little moments of triumph and despair. Individual explorers have a great role to play in comprehending what is going on in the world, and communicating their observations. These personal observations, to my mind, are at least as useful as any media reporting that’s done these days.
The foundation will be launched alongside my old bike in Coventry on October 6th.
Read about it here.