A New Last Chapter

10th October 2021 |

It was good of you – quite a few of you – to come back to me with answers to my impossible question; what to do about climate change.

It seems most unlikely that if I were to ride an electric motorbike from Glasgow to Beijing, or the other way round, that I would arrive in time to make a difference. And if I didn’t arrive at all (most likely) it would send the wrong message.

Extinction Rebellion would not take kindly to my doing a burnout in front of the conference hall (thanks Andy) and I might become extinct myself.

Nor, judging by your response, am I likely to raise a million followers to descend on Glasgow, Where would we put them, anyway, and fewer than a million would be a pin-prick. Besides, I’m told, Covid is rampant on the Clyde.

I’m afraid it looks like I’ll just be staying home.

Meanwhile I’ve been rewriting chunks of my book. It’ll be going to the printer at the end of the month and I should have it by the end of November. I think it’ll cost $25 or the equivalent in your currency. I’ll try to keep the postage down.

I’ve changed the title, but I won’t spring it on you yet. Instead here’s the new last chapter, for your reading pleasure.