Pre-order my new book before Christmas

3rd November 2021 |

The book is ready and about to go to the printer. I am pleased with it, and I’m sure you will be too. Most of you have already promised to buy a copy, and I very much hope I can count on all of you to pre-order it as soon as possible. Here it is – a paperback but with flaps, front and back. And I hope the title amuses you: It’s in the book, of course.

Don't Boil The Canary

The book will be in my hands well before Christmas. It has 448 pages, which makes it even bigger than Jupiter’s Travels, and the cover price is $25. I will sign every copy you order and, if possible, dedicate it to whomever you choose.

You could say I’m a multi-national but I don’t have a tax haven (pathetic, really) and I am not Amazon either, so the postage to get my book across the water safely is rather high and costs as much as the book itself. Because so many of you have committed yourselves, I will reduce the shipping cost to $20 until Christmas. It’s a bit of a gamble but in my experience I think I can count on you. If most of you come through I have a chance of breaking even.

Most of you I have never met, but a strange thing happens as I laboriously type out the lists of your names and email addresses. Many of them I’ve seen before, and I feel a curious familiarity with you. Although all my books up to now have been published by big companies I have always offered to sign and sell them directly. Many of you have written to me afterwards to thank me for writing them so I recognise a lot of the names. These interactions have been important to me, and I have devoted a lot of time to them, much more than would normally make commercial sense. I think I have a good feel for who you are, and I think you know I’m not in it for the money.

So that’s the deal. Pre-order the book now, or as soon as you can, for expected delivery before Christmas. There will, I hope, be several hundred books to send out quickly, and that involves a lot of work signing the books and addressing envelopes and I want to be ready for when the books arrive.


Here’s the blurb about the book:

“Ted Simon was 42 years old when he began the motorcycle journey that the world knows as Jupiter’s Travels. In a book that was unusually revealing he laid his life and his emotions open to everyone. Yet readers across the globe who have been touched by his openness know virtually nothing about those earlier 42 years.”

“Estranged from his father since childhood, and without brothers or sisters, Ted’s point of reference in the world was inevitably his mother. Yet it was only after she died that he realised how many questions he had failed to ask her. At the same time he became aware that his own son and grandsons were also too involved in their day-to-day lives to think of asking him much about his own life. He resolved to write an account for them, so that they might later know the answers to some of the questions they were too busy to ask. This account inevitably grew into the book to be published this month, under the title, DON’T BOIL THE CANARY.

“Born in 1931, his childhood was dominated by the second world war, and his reminiscences from wartime London will resonate with those who lived through those dark times and enchant those who came later.”

“As the post-war world expanded Ted takes the reader through all the turns and twists of an ever-changing career with an unabashed account of the rich and varied life he led before the journey that defined him.”