Après Overland Expo East

20th October 2019 |


What I like most about the Overland Expo meetings is hanging out with the crew, and here I’ve managed to take a really bad pic of three of my friends. That’s Alison Delapp at the back, spitting out an olive stone, and Duncan the Scot who runs the incredible LandRover training course, giving me the thumbs up, and Graham in front who manages just about everything. His wife, Connie, was at the stove, cooking for everyone.

I spent most of my time behind a rather barren table because some lucky person has managed to make off with the big canvas map I painted myself 25 years ago. Last time I saw it was at Flagstaff when Expo West was packing up in May. Can I have it back please?

The two bikes belong to Simon and Lisa Thomas who have been on the road so long (16 years, I believe) that they’ve forgotten what pyjamas look like.

The other bike in my immediate neighbourhood was this rather touching Honda. It actually works, and it belongs to a dishy lady opposite who was handing out wicked coffee for free.

For once on all three days of the event we had perfect weather, in spite of a red sun at morning, which was just beautiful and not threatening.