Recording An Interrupted Life

27th March 2020 |

Ted SimonFor some time now I’ve been working on an autobiography. I’m doing it mainly for the sake of my descendants who, like most young people, don’t think of asking questions until it’s too late, partly because they’re too busy, partly for fear of being bored, but also I think for fear of finding it rather embarrassing.

However, being a writer by profession, I can’t do this job without thinking of it as a book, and books need readers.

During the last months I have been following the example of writers more famous than me, by serialising it in weekly chapters, but I shall have to stop dong this for a while, because I want to record it, in my own voice, and that takes a good deal of time and effort.

I’ve taken most of the story off my website, because I don’t want it to get tired, but I’ve left three chapters just so that people can still get a taste of it. I’ll let you know how I’m getting along.

Good luck to you all. This is going to be a tough one for many, and it’s certain to change lives.

I’m very safe with my partner in this house in France and we don’t need to brave the curfew very often. The gendarmes are lurking at the oddest places, and we have to carry a piece of paper, freshly minted every time, swearing on our honour that our journey is really necessary – an eerie echo of the war when there were posters everywhere asking – IS YOUR JOURNEY REALLY NECESSARY?

Same message: Different enemy. I have to say I prefer this one.

I do hope that it brings with it a serious improvement in the way our countries are governed. Is that just a pious hope?