Parties in the streets

30th August 2021 |

I haven’t forgotten you. Some kind people are worried that I might have fallen off my bike or succumbed to the virus. Not at all. I have simply joined the French masses in their delightful habit of taking August off – well, sort of. I have been working at the book, but it’s been hot, and people have been having parties in the streets, and now that we can go back to restaurants again – well, you know how it is.

As I put all those chapters together I find there’s a lot that needs doing, and a lot of stuff to add. Every memory evokes another.

I hope to have all the text finished and proof-read before the end of September and then it will be up to my friends at Interlibros to turn it into a beautiful book.

I am enormously encouraged by the hundreds among you who have promised to buy the book. It makes the work so much easier and more enjoyable to know where it’s going and that it will be appreciated. You can expect it to be finished in November, but I’ll keep you posted.

The news, of course, is terrible and just keeps getting worse, but I haven’t been able to think of anything to do about it, so for now I’ll just concentrate on putting something nice out into the world.

Cheers to all.